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How You Can Win With Online Sales

Commissioned sales reps, are you tired of your marketing department sending leads everywhere but to you?”
Network marketers, “Tired of being told you can’t market your services online?”
“Don’t let your marketing department keep you from getting bigger commission checks.”

Generate your own leads online for as little as the cost of a business lunch.  This course teaches how savvy commissioned sales reps and marketers are selling online in 2017 (and there’s nothing their marketing departments can do to stop them).

We all know customers start online when looking for a solution to their needs.  So…YOU need to:

1- Be perceived online as a neutral, industry expert (we promote you as an educational speaker)

2- Meet decision makers on neutral ground, with their shields down (get recommended by trusted contacts within our network).

3- Speak about the topics decision makers actually care about based upon research and coaching

4- Get more quality leads!

5- Earn bigger commissions.

“Yesterday’s sales tactics won’t bring in tomorrow’s commission check.”

Everything about business now follows the Amazon online shopping model.  Amazon revolutionized online shopping by removing the risk.  How?  With online reviews–referrals from neutral purchasers.  In B2B it works the same way, except the decision is much more complex.  

You already know the #1 best way to sell is by referral.

What you don’t already know is this:

A new and brilliantly successful marketing concept called account-based marketing is forever changing how companies sell to one another.  Account-based marketing techniques ensure you get the attention of the specific decision makers within the company you want to reach.  Gone are the days when a shot-gun approach to marketing or cold-calling actually works.  Today’s sales rep needs today’s marketing techniques.  Below are the steps to account-based marketing.  Don’t worry, it’s simple.  And if you want, we can help you every step of the way.

Account-based sales process:

1- Identify the company you desire to target.

2- Identify decision makers using SalesLoft,, RingLead, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc..

Create a page/group in Facebook and LinkedIn related to their specific interests. (Or let us do it for you).  Use our company logo and whatever title you want–our marketing staff is on your side.

4- We help you run educational Facebook, LinkedIn and Google posts targeted to the exact interests of each decision maker.  We help you write these articles on the topics these decision makers care about to show your expertise.  We help you be specific in matching the ads to the decision maker’s exact social media profile.  This way the ad is so relevant that the social media platform rewards you with inexpensive costs per click (typically less than $1) and plenty of exposure to that person.  

All of this is easier than you might think.

We help you interview the targeted decision maker on our show to get acquainted in a way that benefits them and is a good use of their time (and tells you what they want to hear about in a sales presentation).  This shows your skills and knowledge in action.  It removes the perceived “risk” associated with calling a “sales person.”

Why your boss is wrong when he tells you to do more cold calling.

Success is not about making MORE calls.  It’s about making better, more targeted calls at the right time.  Cold calling can’t guarantee success.  But Account-Based Marketing CAN.  When done correctly, it brings predictable, consistent results.

This course  teaches in detail how to use account-based marketing to grow your commissions, get more leads, and enjoy selling.  It’s easier than you think and it actually works.  We won’t waste your time with outdated closing tips and old fashioned interviewing advice.  Today’s sales process requires new online marketing techniques.

To learn more about account based marketing in the business to business sales arena, listen to the podcast interview on Mixergy: episode #1317 with Sangram Vajre.

We look forward to engaging more with you inside the course.  Our promise is this, “For the cost of a client lunch, you will get more quality sales leads.”


Section 1Prospecting
Lecture 1Prospecting
Section 2Decision Makers
Lecture 2Decision Makers
Section 3Be Heard
Lecture 3Be Heard in the Crowd
Lecture 4Research
Section 4Make Contact
Lecture 5Make Contact
Lecture 6Identify Decision Makers
Lecture 7Research
Section 5Prepare for the call
Lecture 8Prepare for the call
Lecture 9Make Contact
Lecture 10Closing